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Talent Concept

Jinmao Decoration regards its employees as the most valuable wealth of the company, and is willing to gather and absorb outstanding and potential talents to create value together.

Jinmao Decoration Family is composed of individuals with fresh personality. We value and respect talents, and firmly believe that the progress of employees is closely related to the development of the enterprise. The vitality of Jinmao Decoration originates from the creativity of our employees, and the company will prosper with their assiduous efforts; When employees are determined to innovate, the company will be energetic. The development of the company needs to be driven by the strength of employees, and the development of individuals need the company to provide opportunities and development space. Therefore, we are determined to let enterprise and employees get the best development, so as to realize the pursuit of "creation, sharing and growing up together".

We strive to shape and be looking forward to such Jinmao Decorators

  • Be down-to-earth and full of passion

  • Has a broad industry vision

  • High professional quality, taste and ability