Assembly Technology · MAGIC Prefabricated Wall System

Jinmao Decoration is committed to the research and development of prefabricated interior decoration by focusing on the mid to high end decoration market. With our own technology system as the core, we integrate the concept of "Technology & Intelligence" and high-quality supply chain resources, providing prefabricated decoration services that include design, research and development, production, installation, operation and maintenance throughout the entire process. We persue to becoming a setter, practitioner, and promoter of new technologies, standards, and concepts in architectural decoration and contribute to accelerating the process of construction industrialization.



JMAGIC was established in 2022, which is a prefabricated brand jointly created by Jinmao Decoration and Baigerui. Aim at the high-end decoration market, MAGIC provides a comprehensive solution for wall systems based on prefabricated technology to meet the requirements of project's assembly rate, environmental protection, quality, and fast installation. By adhering to the application of prefabricated technology and products, MAGIC follows an iterative and innovative research and development approach, in order to continuously optimize design effects, improve artificial efficiency, reduce pollution wastage and provide customers with higher quality product solutions.