Innovation Service Platform

Consolidate the closed-loop management of the "four platforms" mechanism and become a service platform for entrepreneurship and innovation of the company.

Through the continuous exploration of innovative business, we will create a second curve of growth for the company and achieve sustainable development.

  • Opened Screening Platform

    Encourage the exploration of innovation ideas in business, and encourage management innovation, model innovation and technological innovation of all departments.

  • Establish “Four-New Technology” Service Platform

    Collect and share the “Four-New Technology” and evaluate the effectiveness. Encourage the application into project construction, and help the excavation of new tracks.

  • Standardized Assistance Platform

    Increase innovation support, help the external propagate of innovation business, resource docking, and accelerate the implementation of incubation results.

  • Strong Culture Platform

    Increase the publicity of innovative culture, cultivate the innovative thinking of all staff, update the innovative concept, and promote innovative development.

Innovation Mechanism

Constantly optimize our innovation mechanism, establish a sound management mechanism for innovative topics and projects, and ensure the steady increase of the company's innovation business through the construction of innovation system.

  • Committee Mechanism

    Ensure the professionalism of innovative work management mechanism.

  • Research Mechanism

    Encourage company innovation research from multi dimension.

  • Reward Mechanism

    Optimize the incentive system, encourage invention and creation, and promote the implementation of achievements.

  • Platform Management Mechanism

    Ensure the normalization of research project initiation.

  • Information Sharing Mechanism

    Ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of the company's innovation sharing.

  • Credit Mechanism

    Optimize “Jinmao Decoration Innovation Credit System”

  • Innovative Recommend Mechanism

    Encourage all staff to recommend and apply “Four-New Technology”

  • Assessment Mechanism

    Promote active innovation, innovative work cooperation and innovative application, etc

  • R&D Expense Mechanism

    Standardize the closed-loop management of the whole process of R&D expenses

  • Counterpart Mechanism

    Ensure the smooth implementation of innovation throughout the year